Getting Started with Powerflutter

How does Powerflutter work? Here is an example how to use the dependency injection, setup a model that automatically updates the UI and can be saved and loaded to shared preferences with a single line of code.

First lets look into the setup, which is called in your main method and fairly simple

setupCounterExample() {
  var model = CounterModel(); // Create the model
  Power.setDI(model); // Add it into the dependency injection
  PowerSharedPreferences.persistModel(model, "counterModel"); // Model is now loaded from SharedPrefrences & saved everytime something changes

How does our model look like?

class CounterModel with PowerModel {
  int get counter => get('counter', () => 0);
  set counter(int value) => set('counter', value);

We have have getters and setters for an int called counter that calls set and get function provided by the PowerModel mixin. This allows later for automatic UI updates whenever something changes and automatic saving to shared preferences. Well actually the code looks a bit different becaus we use code generation to create the getters and setters which makes it even simpler and more maintainable for large projects. Please see the Powerflutter Code Generation for more information.

Building the UI now is very simple:

class CounterExampleWidget extends PowerWidget<CounterModel> {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      body: Center(child: Text("You have tapped the button ${model.counter} times")),
      floatingActionButton: FloatingActionButton(onPressed: () => model.counter++, child: Icon(Icons.add)),

Using the PowerWidget will automatically update the view when any data changes and because we used the generic <CounterModel> the .model property is a typed data model taken from the dependency injection. The PowerWidget always updates any UI when an value from a PowerModelused in this widget changes, so no need to call setState or any other boilerplate code and we can just call odel.counter++ here or in any other part of the code and any UI that depends on this value will update.

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